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0 Calorie Sugar Substitute

No artificial ingredients

On orders over £35

We ship worldwide

0 Calorie Sugar Substitute

Amazing Wow!

Absolutely amazing in every way I couldn’t ask for anything better so that’s why I just ordered another 1, just day after receiving 1.
Thank you for the seller xxx

Anette10 June 2019

WOW, love this protein powder!

Finally an amazing tasting natural protein powder. Love the taste, I usually mix with milk (sometimes water) and tastes delicious.

Bren19 March 2019

Great Protein with Monk sugar

Tastes really good! Love their products. Good quality!

SilverzwayJuly 18, 2019

Takes getting used to but it’s worth it

Was not exactly love at first taste. Is very sweet but more of a sweet after taste. I used it with just a little honey in my tea for the first few days and once I was used to it I couldn’t get enough of it. Now real sugar just doesn’t taste that good any more. What I love most is that I know it’s good for me and now I really like the taste. What I liked least was the packaging. Was difficult to open without losing some of the powder.

Amber2nd February 2018


This is one of the best protein powders I’ve had in awhile. It mixes well and is very flavourful without being too sweet. I’d definitely buy this again.

LKOctober 10, 2019

Natural alternative to sugar

Monk fruit extract is a good substitute for sugar, I use this in baking and like it. Just make sure not to put too much of it. there is a reason the spoon provided is so tiny. this 20 gram bag will last you a very long time so don’t worry about this being only 20gr, as you don’t need much to make your recipes sweet. Also good for beverages but very small amount goes a long way and will have better taste. Also big plus is that this is made form a natural fruit and not synthetic. Customer service is great and I got very quick reply to my questions from the seller part.

Ari1st August 2018

Doesn’t upset my digestive system!

Finally a natural keto friendly sweetener that tastes great. Believe me I’ve tried them all. Hate Stevia! I will be ordering it again.

BW3rd June 2018

Good flavor, no cooling effect. Good for Keto!

I’m on a Ketogenic diet, and this is a great option for me. It does have a bit of flavour, but that is because this isn’t mixed with other stuff. I tried this with a keto raspberry cheesecake ice cream I was making and it was pretty tasty, without that wierd cooling effect that other sweeteners have. I also tried this with a cocoa, almond butter fat bomb recipe, and the flavour was a little strong, and a little goes a long way in terms of sweetness. Once I added goat cheese to the mix, they were so good! I think the lesson is that this works better with more fruity or tart flavors. The goat cheese has that tanginess that made the fat bombs work better with this sweetner. I’m excited to try this in other flavors like lemon curd on a keto coconut shortbread base. I definitely recommend this for purchase : )

G19th September 2018

Awesome Product !!

Awesome product ! great flavour , pure and natural.. At first I thought to myself , I paid how much for this! Then when u realize how little of it u need to get the sweetness it is like WOW! this is going to last me a year. I find it has a nicer flavour on its own then when cut with other sweetners. Its kind of cool that the measuring spoon is the size of a tooth pick , that screams potent ! Being a diabetic I can’t have sugar so to find a sweeter thats all natural without the bitter aftertaste like stevia is a game changer for me. The service was exceptional to, 2 days at my door step through Purolator ( best courier by far ) Two thumbs up don’t hesitate to buy this u won’t regret it.

Nolan Belanger30th August 2018

Perfect sugar alternative

Even though this is a small amount a little goes along way, without any gross aftertaste. I also love that is pure without ingredients that have side effects.

Ally M23rd July 2018

What is Lou Han Guo?

Luo Han Guo, also known as Monk Fruit, is a fruit grown within the mountains of Guangxi, Southern China. The extract taken from this fruit is 250-300 times sweeter than sugar and contains 0 calories. The extract is a fine powder which  is used as a substitute for….

About Buddha Fruit

Buddha Fruit (Sugar’s Natural Rival) was founded in 2017 by Charlotte James, a qualified nutritionist with a passion to help people enjoy sweet treats whilst not compromising their health. In Charlotte’s quest to find an all-natural sugar alternative (which didn’t produce any adverse effects like some of those on the market), she came across the most magnificent fruit called luo han guo, also known as Monk Fruit, and the journey starts from there….

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