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lo han guo - buddha fruit
The Longevity Fruit

The Monk Fruit Story

Luo han guo (Monk Fruit’s native name) was discovered by the Buddhist Monk’s thousands of years ago in the mountains of the Guilin area, Southern China. The monks believed that the sweet tasting fruit would bring long life, so it became known as the ‘longevity fruit.’

Monk Fruit Health Benefits

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

These anti-inflammatory properties have been found to decrease the risk of cancers, digestive problems (e.g. IBS), help relieve coughs & sore throats*

Source of Antioxidants

MogrosideV (the super sweet elements of Monk Fruit, more below), provide us with these antioxidant properties*.

Diabetic Friendly

Zero glycemic index, zero calories + zero net carbs. Won't spike blood glucose so a perfect sugar alternative for diabetics and keto followers**.

Reduces Bloodsugar Levels

Studies have shown blood sugars are lower when substituting with Monk Fruit extract. Good cholesterol rates also improved**.


Amazing Wow! Absolutely amazing in every way I couldn’t ask for anything better so that’s why I just ordered another 1, just day after receiving 1. Thank you for the seller xxx

AnnetteAmazon Customer

WOW, love this protein powder! Finally an amazing tasting natural protein powder. Love the taste, I usually mix with milk (sometimes water) and tastes delicious.

BrenAmazon Customer

Delicious! This is one of the best protein powders I’ve had in awhile. It mixes well and is very flavourful without being too sweet. I’d definitely buy this again.

LKAmazon Customer

Perfect sugar alternative. Even though this is a small amount a little goes along way, without any gross aftertaste. I also love that is pure without ingredients that have side effects.

Ally MAmazon Customer
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We all love a little sweetness now & then. Find out how our founder, Charlotte, started her journey to find a natural sugar substitute which would boost our health, not harm it.
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We all love a little sweetness every now and then, so wouldn't it be great if sweet could be healthy too? Now it is. We have a range of healthy reduced or sugar free recipes available.
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