Lo Han Honey | Organic Monk Fruit Liquid

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Product Highlights

  • 100% Monk Fruit liquid concentrate | No other ingredients added
  • Approx 162 servings per bottle | 50 ml Bottle
  • All-natural Sugar alternative
  • Zero Calories, Zero carbs, Zero fillers, Non-GMO, ONLY Pure Monk Fruit


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Lo Han Honey is a 100% natural, zero calorie, Organic sugar alternative in liquid form. Buddha Fruit’s Lo Han Honey is the only product which only contains pure Monk Fruit (aka Luo Han Guo) extract. Many other brands tend to water their Monk Fruit liquid drops down which creates a cheaper but less superior product and you’ll need more. We have chosen to supply you with an all natural, non-GMO, pure Monk Fruit so you can get all the benefits from this magnificent fruit extract. As this is a pure product you only need a tiny amount as it is super sweet, about 6-8 drops equates to 1 tsp of sugar.

We have named our Monk Fruit liquid, Lo Han Honey as it looks and tastes like bees honey 🙂

Where is Monk Fruit grown?

Monk Fruit (also known as Luo Han Guo) is cultivated within the mountains of Guangxi, Southern China, in which it is then processed into a fine powder to use as a natural sugar alternative. Monk Fruit extract has been used for centuries by Buddhist Monks and is know as the ‘longevity fruit’, to learn more about this amazing sugar alternative and it’s health benefits click here

buddha fruit lo han guo china
lo han guo - buddha fruit

What makes Monk Fruit different to other Natural Sweeteners?

Monk Fruit (aka Lou Han Guo) does not raise blood glucose levels so is perfect for people who are diabetic or pre-diabetic. The extract contains Zero carbohydrates so if you are looking to lower your carb intake or are following a Keto style diet then this natural sweetener is a perfect option. Another great benefit to Monk Fruit is that it has not yet been shown to contain any associated adverse effects, whereas many other sugar alternatives have been shown to produce gastrointestinal distress, bloating and many other uncomfortable symptoms.

How much should I use?

6-8 drops equals about 1 tsp of sugar. Although some of our customers have reported to using less of more. As lo han honey is a 100% natural product each batch may vary, plus each of us have different sweetness levels.

1 review for Lo Han Honey | Organic Monk Fruit Liquid

  1. Dan W (verified owner)

    Very sweet; no aftertaste. I like this a lot more than stevia. This monkfruit extract does not deliver a harsh sweetness like stevia; it is rather smooth, and feels sweet in the entire mouth and palate; not just the tongue. Additionally, I had previously tried a monkfruit product that came in granules, mixed with erithritol; but I had not found that product very sweet, or very different from pure erythritol. This product, however, is intensely sweet. A few drops in your coffee will do the trick; and I also add erythritol to my coffee, then, for good measure. The combination is best.

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