Power Up Bundle


1x All Natural Whey | Protein Powder

1x BlenderBottle SPORTMIXER®

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Power Up bundle….

Fuel your body with great quality to recover faster, feel leaner and increase energy levels.

Our All Natural Whey Protein Powder paired with our BlenderBottle SPORTMIXER to help fuel you throughout the day or post workout. A quick & easy way to help either increase or maintain quality protein into your daily lifestyle.

About All Natural Whey

Our All Natural Whey Protein Powder (750g pouch) contains 100% natural ingredients. We have sourced the finest ingredients to create a great tasting, quality Whey Protein Powder. For that additional quality assurance, each pouch is certified by Informed Sport to ensure each batch isn’t contaminated with any other ingredients. Buddha Fruit’s Whey is also low in carbohydrates which is perfect if you’re looking for a Keto / Low Carb Protein Powder.

Whey protein powder can be used by anyone; whether it be to help assist recovery following exercise (Pre of Post Workout Supplement), aid weight loss, balance energy levels, increase protein intake to your diet, improve satiety (feel fuller for longer) etc. All Natural Whey is high in protein and contains all the essential amino acids to help build muscle, create healthy hair & skin.

All Natural Whey Protein Powder
natural pure protein powder

About BlenderBottle SPORTMIXER

BlenderBottle Buddha Fruit SPORTMIXER®. Say ‘goodbye’ to lumpy protein shakes and ‘hello’ to smooth, great-tasting drinks. Patented mixing system uses the BlenderBall® wire whisk—found only in BlenderBottle® brand shaker cups—to mix even the thickest ingredients as you shake.

The ‘Longevity’ Fruit

Why choose Monk Fruit?

Monk Fruit (aka Lou Han Guo) won’t raise blood glucose levels so is perfect for people who are diabetic or pre-diabetic*. The extract contains Zero carbohydrates so if you are looking to lower your carb intake or are following a Keto style diet then this natural sweetener is a perfect option. Another great benefit to Monk Fruit is that it has not yet been shown to contain any associated adverse effects, whereas many other sugar alternatives have been shown to produce gastrointestinal distress, bloating and many other uncomfortable symptoms.

* Ying et al, 2009

Monk Fruit Origins

Monk Fruit (also known as Luo Han Guo) is cultivated within the mountains of Guangxi, Southern China, in which it is then processed into a fine powder to use as a natural sugar alternative. Monk Fruit extract has been used for centuries by Buddhist Monks and is know as the ‘longevity fruit’,

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lo han guo - buddha fruit
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Keeping hunger at bay

Our range of healthy high protein recipes

We all love a little sweetness every now and then, so wouldn't it be great if sweet could be healthy too? Now it is. We have a range of healthy high protein recipes available.
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