Sugar tax in the UK…

Back in April we discussed how a sugar tax in the UK had recently been implemented for soft drinks (read here). Therefore we thought we’d give you a little update 6 months on to see how this has progressed.

Boost in funding for breakfast clubs in over 1,700 schools…

Today we found on the GOV.UK website that so far, soft drink manufactures have paid an extra £153.8m in tax since April. That’s great news and better news is how this money is going to be spent. One way in which it will be spent is to boost funding for breakfast clubs in over 1,700 schools. This money will also be used to support pupil health and well-being programmes such as primary physical education and Sport premium.

Food industry to reduce sugar by 20% in everyday foods..

If sugar tax on soft drinks wasn’t enough, Public Health England (PHE) have also announced that more is needed to be done to tackle food manufactures adding high amounts of sugar in foods. Concerns have been sparked due to an overwhelming response from a recent survey.  Consumers have expressed that they would like the food industry to reduce sugar by 20% in everyday foods.

Dr Alison Tedstone, chief nutritionist of PHE said, ‘severe obesity in 10-11 year old’s is at an all time high. Plans to improve the nations’ diet are often described as ‘nanny state’ interference, but it’s clear people want healthier food. They expect the industry to play their part in this.’ It’s pleasing to hear that those involved within PHE are making a stance to shake up the food industry. Consumers are mislead on certain foods so it’s great to see the government is finally noticing we need to start with the source of the problem.

It appears it’s going to be another intriguing year for the Sugar industry in 2019. Hopefully an even more exciting year for the luo han guo / monk fruit market 🙂


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