The Buddha Fruit Story…

Buddha Fruit was founded in 2017 by Charlotte, a qualified nutritionist with a passion to help people enjoy sweet treats whilst not compromising their health. In Charlotte’s quest to find an all-natural sugar alternative (which didn’t produce any adverse effects like other natural & artificial sweeteners on the market), she came across the most magnificent fruit called Luo Han Guo, also known as Monk Fruit, and the journey began from there….

Want to know the full story?

The idea initially came to Charlotte in 2013 whilst studying Sport Biomedicine & Nutrition at university. During Charlotte’s studies she became fascinated about a few things such as….. ‘how excess sugar can have a negative impact on our health’, ‘sourcing food from quality, natural sources’ and ‘how incorporating superior sources of protein into our diet can help with muscular recovery post exercise, increase the feeling of fullness etc’.

Charlotte loves baking and would regularly bake low sugar delights with an added scoop of protein. At the time Charlotte was very conscious of using protein powders certified by Informed Sport (they check that supplements haven’t been contaminated with hidden ingredients), not because she’s an athlete, but to ensure that what was stated on the back of the packet is 100% just that. Did you know that 1 in 10 supplements are contaminated by WADA banned substances? At the time there were no protein powders on the market which were 100% natural certified by Informed Sport out there. Charlotte thought back then there is a gap in the market, but it wasn’t a huge necessity for her so it was left up in the air…

Fast forward to 2016, Scott (Charlotte’s boyfriend) decides he wants to represent GB in the 2022 Winter Paralympic Games. This then sent Charlotte on the hunt again to source a 100% natural, low sugar protein powder certified by Informed Sport for Scott. Surprisingly there still wasn’t anything out there, so she decided to make one herself. 

At the time many manufacturers were using Stevia as their go-to natural sugar alternative, but many said they were trying to avoid Stevia as people complained of gastrointestinal distress. This then sent Charlotte on another hunt to source a good quality natural sugar alternative with no harmful side effects associated with it. After searching far and wide she then came across the most magnificent natural sweetener, Monk Fruit aka Luo Han Guo extract. 

So, what exactly do we do?

In a nutshell, we create reduced sugar treats sweetened using our super wonderful ingredient Monk Fruit aka Luo Han Guo.

What’s monk fruit extract?

An all natural, 0 calorie, 0 carb sugar alternative with many health benefits. Want to know more?

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What products do we provide?

We currently provide two variations of monk fruit in powder form; Lo Han Guo & Golden Lo Han Guo, a liquid version; Lo Han Honey and also a 100% Natural Whey protein powder certified by Informed sport; ‘All Natural Whey.

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What’s the Buddha Fruit dream?

Our dream is to create as many Sugar-free products as possible to help the World to reduce excess sugar in their lives. So watch this space for more Buddha Fruit delights coming to you in the future…