Are you spending hours in the gym? Paying overpriced gym membership? Going to expensive PT sessions? And still not achieving goals in which you set yourself?


As a nation we spend million and millions on getting ‘fit’ and to do this we tend to neglect the fundamentals. Nutrition is one of those fundamentals which so many of us tend to overlook or gain advice from misleading sources. Many of us are quite happy to fork out for Personal Training/Gym classes but when it comes to nutrition we tend not to invest.


These days everyone seems to be a nutritional expert, just go onto to social media and every fitness influencer is giving out advice. A word of warning though some of this advice is extremely dangerous and has and can lead people to disordered eating. Just because something works for one person, it won’t necessarily work for you. In fact just the other day I saw a celebrity post onto their Instagram story that they were intending to fast from 7pm in the evening until 11am in the morning. To myself I thought ‘why are you sharing this, if you find this works for you then great but for the majority of people this is not healthy and sustainable.’ It then worries me to think that people will go on to follow this advice when it may not be suitable for them. We all lead different lives, have different activity levels, have different needs, are all different shapes and sizes. There is no one size fits all.


Which is why I would always recommend you to go to seek professional nutritional advice. A professional will not just read out of a text book/magazine article, they will help you to understand your own body. Which foods work for you, which foods don’t quite agree with you, nutrients you are sufficient and insufficient in etc. By better understanding your body this will help so much more with helping you to achieve your set goals.


There is an element of truth that it’s 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. So instead of booking that PT session you may want to prioritise seeking a nutritional expert to begin with.  Once you’ve got those basics right it will make those goals you’ve set a whole lot more attainable.

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