If you haven’t realised it yet, Monk Fruit is a pretty incredible tiny fruit. Not only does it allow us to enjoy that sweet taste, it packs a punch with health benefits too. There are properties within Monk Fruit which can help to alleviate or reduce the incidence of cancer. You may now be thinking to yourself, how?! Well a study in 2016 explored this very thought. The study conducted by Liu et al (2016); took a look at the magical natural compounds in Monk Fruit called MogrosideV. They discovered that MogrosideV inhibited the production of pancreatic cancer cells and other tumor cell types. Furthermore, MogrosideV also triggered death to certain cancer cells. That’s pretty impressive for a small fruit if you ask us. No wonder why the Buddhist Monks named the fruit ‘the longevity fruit’.


MogrosideV is what also gives Monk Fruit its sweetness. You may have recognised that we have 2 types of Monk Fruit powder extract available: lo han guo (blue packet) and golden lo han guo (orange packet). The lo han guo (40% MogrosideV) is sweeter than the golden lo han guo (25% MogrosideV) as it contains a higher percentage of MogrosideV. This basically means that the Monk Fruit has been grounded for a little bit longer to create a higher percentage.


There is also another reason why swapping from sugar to Monk Fruit extract may be beneficial. Basically the glucose molecules found in sugar have been shown to aid in the growth and spread cancer cells within the body. Therefore by reducing excess amounts of sugar consumption, this can help reduce the incidence of cancer.


As always, there’s still more work to be done to discover the full potential of Monk Fruit’s powerful healing properties and how exactly it reduces the incidence of Cancer. In the meantime if you would like to have a peek at the study, you can do so here:



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