We are super excited to announce that we are launching a new product this month and I can reveal that it will be an All Natural Whey Protein powder.

Why informed Sport?

I am especially over the moon about this as it has been a dream of mine since 2014 to produce an Informed Sport certified All Natural Whey Protein powder. The idea came to me whilst I was at university studying Sports Biomedicine and Nutrition. I am by no means an athlete but Informed Sport certified products are important to me as it guarantees superior quality assurance. I can rest easy at night knowing that our ‘All Natural Whey’ hasn’t been contaminated with any other ingredients, you can be sure that what is stated on the back of the ingredient list is exactly that, nothing else is added.

Why Sugar Free & Natural?

I also wanted to create a sugar free all natural product as during my dissertation, sugar became a fascination of mine. Coming from a sports background I recognise that sugar is important during competition/competing time for professional athletes. However for the typical gym goer like myself, or someone looking to achieve fat loss, or an athlete in training phase etc. high amounts of sugar isn’t necessary. If sugar is used and abused it can negatively impact us, you can read more here in my first ever blog post I wrote. During my time at University I also developed another passion for naturally sourced food and believed that everything we consume should come form natural sources.

“…I still could’nt find something I was 100% confident with…”

Anyway.. a few years past and that dream was well and truly a long lost thought… until my boyfriend decided he wanted to become a ski racer and hopefully represent GB in the 2022 Paralympics. This therefore sent me on a hunt to find him a whey protein powder which I approved of. In my search I still couldn’t find anything which I was 100% confident with, so I turned to the help of protein manufactures to help me create what I wanted. Most manufactures were using stevia as a sugar alternative but I kept getting the same response ‘people are complaining of a bitter after taste with stevia’ ‘some people are complaining of being bloated from stevia’. This then sent me out on another mission which led me to the most wonderful sugar alternative out there, luo han guo / Monk Fruit extract.

Our vision



This  consequently led me to the idea of Buddha Fruit, I suddenly began creating an expanded vision of what we could achieve. Like I said I was fascinated by sugar and the effects it had on our health, but I love that sweet taste, doesn’t everyone? So it came to my attention that we could still allow people to enjoy that sweet taste whilst not compromising their health. My passion and drive is to help as many people as I can to kick the sugar habit with our great tasing sugar alternative. A massive thanks to those of you who have supported Buddha Fruit on its journey so far, it means who huge deal to me and makes everything I do worthwhile. Watch this space for what’s more to come…..


Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x


Take a look at are exciting new product here and you can also now pre-order!


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