This year has truly been one long rollercoaster with enormous highs and some tremendous lows (both personally & Buddha Fruit wise) but we are seeing 2020 in with some amazing memories and lots of lessons learnt.


To kick off the year we attended the Pitch & Present Masterclass hosted by Virgin Startup. To be honest I am terrified of pitching in front of a crowded room but I kind of enjoy the adrenaline rush from pitching and getting out of my comfort zone. I also love telling as many people as we can about our exciting brand and about our incredible BF community. This also then prepared me for my next BF challenge, I was invited by a very popular TV show in the UK, to audition to be apart of their series where the winner receives a substantial amount of money to be invested into their business. I made it to the very final audition stages but unfortunately didn’t quite make it through to the final 15 candidates. Although I loved the experience and thrived during each of the challenges, for anyone who knows me knows I am quite shy in front of the camera lens.


Anyway, during the audition stages we were also in the midst of launching 2 new exciting products to the Buddha fruit range – All Natural Whey and lo han honey. Launching new products can always seem daunting as you are always unsure on the feedback you will receive from the wider public, we were therefore over joyed with some amazing reviews we have received since. We are excited to be launching even more products in 2020 but these are top secret for now :).


This year we attended our first ever tradeshows as both visitors and exhibitors. In May we attended Vitafoods in Geneva. We had a great couple of days there learning about the latest hot topics in the nutrition World. A few weeks later we attended BodyPower and witnessed some awe inspiring athletes competing in multiple fitness challenges and listened to some credible Sports Nutrition speakers. Next we exhibited at the SFN expo in Glasgow where we had a fantastic day getting to meet some of our lovely customers and hearing amazing stories about how cutting sugar from their diets has helped in so many ways. Finally we attended the White label Expo at the London Excel where we sat in and listened to a hero of ours, Pip founder of Pip and Nut where Pip talked about her amazing journey.


September saw us take a 13 hour flight and 3 overnight sleeper trains to visit our Monk Fruit suppliers in China. We visited just before the harvest of the fruit when the fruit was a lovely dewy green colour. The climate where the fruit is grown is very hot and humid which is ideal temperatures for the fruit to grow. Although this year the harvest has not produced as well as it has hoped. As Monk Fruit’s popularity grows this may mean there will be a limited amount available, as it is a natural product there is nothing in which we can do but we will see what will happens in the year going forward.


I’m sure there are things which I have missed out, but this year has felt like such a whirlwind and we are excited to show you what we have been working on these last few weeks very soon. As always we appreciate all of your comments, reviews and emails we receive, we love that you love our products as much as we do. To think we have helped so many people to find a sugar substitute which has changed their lives in many different ways is truly remarkable. We wish you all an incredible and healthy 2020.




Buddha Fruit founder


  • Amanda says:

    Happy New Year from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Only been on my Buddha Fruit journey a short time, but changing to B-F Whey from Vegan I have really started to see some changes. I have cut out most sugars (by all names), most simple carbs, added more protein and good fats…and WOW the weight has started dropping off. I even managed to get through Christmas without a single cake, cookie or chocolate (and believe me, the house was full of all those things), and managed to lose 2 lbs in that week and not have cravings. To say I am thrilled would be an understatement.

    • admbud says:

      Hey Amanda, a Very Happy New Year to you too :). Thank you for leaving such a lovely message about your Buddha Fruit story so far. That is truly remarkable that our All Natural Whey has helped you to help with sugar cravings during the holiday season and even more commendable that you have even managed to lose 2 lbs!! I know how difficult it can be during this time of year so I am delighted to hear that our product has helped you beat those cravings. I wish you and your family an amazing 2020 and are excited to be apart of your journey this year. Please share your updates with us as we would love to hear how you are doing :). Best wishes, Charlotte

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