Yep for some of us we have all been subject to this. We’ve decided we either want to get leaner for an upcoming holiday, we don’t want our jeans to feel so tight or we just genuinely want to lose a little bit of stubborn fat. And to do this we decide we need to get to the gym to move a little more and we need to shape up our diet.


Eating well is great (whatever that really means, it’s a very subjective term), but eating well can also mean that we are in a calorie surplus. There’s a very simple math equation which I’m sure you’ve all been told about:


Move More + Eat Less = Calorie deficit


It’s quite simple. But what some of us fail to realise is that just because you are in a calorie deficit for 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks this will not all of a sudden create fat loss. Also for many of us we will tend to be restrictive with our diets Monday-Friday and then come the weekend we have ‘cheat days’ so all of those calories you have been restrictive with over the weekday will get piled on over the weekend.


Restrictive diets don’t work. We need to be more mindful of the additional calories we are consuming on a day-to-day basis. My brother recently sent me an article from Men’s health which you can read here. It’s centred around the high protein diet craze. Adding additional amounts of protein to your diet can be beneficial in many ways i.e. increases satiety (feel fuller for longer), aid recovery post-exercise, creates hormones, building blocks for bones, muscle, skin etc. But too much will put you into this calorie surplus we talked about. Which is exactly what happened to this chap in the article.


I’ve said it before but I personally hate tracking calories and monitoring macros etc. However I do recognise that for some people this works for them. There’s no one size fits all approach, we are all unique and different. But what if we became more mindful and replaced higher calorific foods with substitutes. Let’s take your morning protein smoothie for example. If you’re looking to lose some weight instead of using milk or coconut water why not just replace with plain old water. It will still taste great with our All Natural Whey but we’re just reducing that calorie content. Or your porridge which you may lace with honey, substituting this for our 0 calorie lo han honey again will reduce those calories. Or instead of mixing your porridge with milk, you could add half a scoop of our All Natural Whey and mix with water. Not only will this reduce calories content slightly but it will also be more satiating. And there’s other simple things like replacing your 2 tsp of sugar habit in your cup of tea with our 0 calorie lo han guo, golden lo han guo or lo han blend can all help. We have a whole host of recipes which you can use to help replace the calories from sugar with our 0 Calorie sugar alternative, Monk Fruit.


I hope you have found this article useful, thank you for reading.

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